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News Release: Eagle Chamber's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation Computer Literacy Project Begins

Press Release Date: January 12, 2023
From: Michelle Morgan, Executive Director, Eagle Chamber of Commerce's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation
Re: Eagle Chamber's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation Computer Literacy Project begins this week

Eagle Chamber's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation Computer Literacy Project begins today

A partnership between the Eagle Chamber of Commerce's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation and Eagle County Public Health is delivering a local computer literacy training program to Hispanic adults in our community.

In addition to learning how to operate a laptop, students learn how to navigate the Windows & Microsoft laptop environment. Google Workspace, cyber security, email and more, students will learn how to create a resume and search and apply for employment online. This workforce initiative is an example of the Eagle Chamber's ongoing contribution to the advancement of the economic vitality of our community through supportive, effective strategies to connect workers with employers while elevating members of the community with stimulating opportunities designed to improve their lives. 

About the Partnership between Eagle Chamber's Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation and Eagle County Public Health 

Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation (EEVF) was founded in 2019 by the Eagle Chamber of Commerce. EEVF supports the economic vitality of the Eagle, Colorado community through education and training programs designed to assist local businesses with the skills and tools to employ and retain quality employees.

EEVF was awarded a Colorado state OEDIT grant for this Computer Literacy Program in order to train local Hispanic adults to apply for employment online. Eagle County Public Health (ECPH) had also received a federal Advanced Literacy grant and had delivered a program very similar to EEVF's goals in 2022. Utilizing tools and resources from ECPH's program, EEVF is able to more effectively deliver EEVF's Computer Literacy Program, after having gained the guidance, knowledge and experience of ECPH's tried and true successful Computer Literacy Program.

Program Visionaries and Partners 

Dan MillerBrown, CP, CPG President, Eagle Chamber of Commerce and Eagle Economic Vitality Foundation Founder and President of Partners Environmental Consulting, LLC:

"When it became apparent after COVID that we had such a hiring gap in this Valley, the Chamber sought ideas to try to help local businesses. One issue that became clear was that many in our workforce didn’t have the means or the training to seek posted jobs because they were only available through on-line applications. With a goal of closing this gap and creating inclusion, we pursued a grant targeted toward training in the Hispanic community so that job seekers and employers could connect. This training is the outcome of that effort, and we are thrilled to have facilitated such a success."

Faviola Alderete Community Health Strategist | Estratega de Salud Comunitaria Eagle County Public Health & Environment | Departamento de Salud Publica y Medio Ambiente:

"As the years pass and technology evolves, we keep seeing that computer literacy is no longer a luxury. It is a need. The lack of computer literacy prevents individuals from performing simple functions such as replying and composing emails and using different online applications. Without these basic skills, individuals are unmarketable to potential job opportunities or to even know how to apply for public assistance programs. For example, during the COVID pandemic, one of the most significant barriers that kept people from using public assistance programs like rent and food assistance was the lack of computer literacy. This program has been created to teach basic computer literacy skills to get community members up to speed with the digital era that we live in and to improve communication channels with teachers, medical providers, and other resources."

Program Leadership Committee

EEVF's Computer Literacy Training Program's Leadership Committee have been working together as a team to deliver this program to the community. Volunteer Committee Members provide valuable decision-making feedback and resources, such as providing personal coaching guidance during the program training sessions. Committee Members include the above, as well as Denise Cardoza and Jackie VanEyll of the Town of Eagle, Andy Davis of Comcast, Maisa Metcalf of Holy Cross Energy, Asu Alonso of Eagle Valley Commercial, Mauricio OrtegaZuniga and Evelyn Corral of First Bank, Carolyn Tucker of Northwest Small Business Development Center and Edgar Chairez of Hood Insurance Agency.

We would also like to recognize the program's instructor, Rene Ibarra. Rene possesses a master's degree of business administration and biology and created the curriculum for this program.

Program Future

The Eagle Chamber is seeking future opportunities to continue this program as well as partners to provide financial support in order to sustain this program for the long term. To learn more about this program and to contribute to the effort, please contact Michelle Morgan at (970) 306-2262 or



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