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Rosa Joy Co

Rosa Joy Co

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About Us

Are you looking to bring back your inner child and have more fun, find better friendships, or just live with more happiness in your life?
Rosa Joy Co is all about the Journey of Joy.

We offer these programs and services:

* Journey Back to Joy (A journey that lets you heal roadblocks, bring out your authentic personality, and release your inner child.)
* Find Your Tribe (Get out of your shell and start meeting the close friends you want to do life with)
* Events (We’ll dive into creative and joy activities that are specifically meant for making new friends.)
* Reiki Sessions (Energetic healing sessions that help you release stuck emotions, find a sense of peace, feel lighter and more grounded.)

Through our programs, you'll be guided through a curated process tailored to your personality, which includes creative, strategic, and physical activities, as well as reiki and meditative healing methods.

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