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TreeTop Child Advocacy Center


Non Profit

About Us

TreeTop Child Advocacy Center is dedicated to supporting child victims of abuse and their families in Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, and Summit counties. Our mission is to offer intervention, advocacy, and support services to those affected by abuse, aiming to foster a community where all children and families feel safe, supported, and empowered to pursue justice.

At TreeTop, we provide a secure and nurturing environment where children can share their experiences in a way that is led by them, supportive, and suited to their developmental needs. We serve as a single point of contact for victims, streamlining the process of obtaining necessary services.

Once a referral is made, we coordinate closely with law enforcement, child protection workers, medical and behavioral health professionals, and prosecutors. All our services are delivered from a single, child-friendly facility, ensuring that the children we help receive consistent and compassionate care without the need to navigate multiple stops. Our vision is a community where every child has the strength, support, and resources to recover from abuse and lead a fulfilling life.

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