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Vail Christian High School



About Us

What makes Vail Christian High School unique? Our educational philosophy values both tradition and innovation. We have high academic standards, offer a wide variety of AP and Dual Enrollment courses, and provide an exceptional and customized college counseling program that begins in 9th grade. We also offer experiential learning opportunities, especially as a Project Lead the Way school, designed to foster problem-solving skills, creativity, and curiosity. As an independent Christian school, we celebrate our ecumenical diversity while welcoming everyone. We want to see our students be intellectually and spiritually curious. Our educational philosophy is rooted in Christian faith and values and views an education as incomplete without full integration of mind, body, and spirit. Our beliefs are rooted in Jesus Christ’s core message to “love God and your neighbor.” This kind of love is the key ingredient for a life of meaning and purpose. Our school culture unlocks and unleashes student potential. With small class sizes and highly relational faculty who are experts in their fields, students are individually known and loved. Our students don’t stand on the school’s sidelines but rather actively participate in a variety of athletic, art, service-learning, and club offerings. Learning also takes place within a diverse human mosaic with students representing different socioeconomic, ethnic and faith backgrounds that enhance the overall student experience.

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